4 for you Monacoco. You go Monacoco.

Monaco is absolutely stunning but I think it’s safe to say I cannot currently afford to holiday here.
As a part of the tour we passed through

this city, spending just a couple of hours in Monaco. So in all honesty,there’s not much I can tell you about the city except these four observations:

1. The coastline is absolutely spectacular, dotted with pastel houses and charming buildings right up to the shore where hundreds of pristine white yachts are anchored in the marina. It’s the perfect depiction of where city meets sea.

2. There were Lamborghinis everywhere, almost exclusively. You would not find a car less than 100k driving around here. Except of course our giant Contiki coach, which looked particularly out of place driving on the narrow streets.

3. Monaco is Europe’s Las Vegas – win big or lose big. Bring a lot of cash if you plan on trying your luck. Someone on our tour lost $300 in less than an hour.

4. Alternatively, you can spend your cash on a guaranteed win – sipping a martini or cocktail poolside and perfectly fleeting conversations on a rooftop bar overlooking a city-lit coastline. Personally, I found this the better way to go about the night.

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